If it is up to us, 2020 is all about video content. In our scope, we see interesting video trends where you and your company will be reaping the benefits from. For both B2C and B2B, video content will play a bigger role. Video will help you to visualize your brand message even better, make your business online more visible and guide new leads better in the customer journey. In this article we explain the impact of video and which video trends you can expect in 2020.

Video content is booming

We know it sounds cliché, but video content is booming. Looking at the statistics, the numbers don’t lie. We have found interesting stats from Raw Shorts, where they researched why investing in video content is worth it. Based on their research, we like to point out the following statistics: Did you know that videos on social media will be 1200 percent more shared than regular posts with text and images? Moreover, is expected that 82 percent of internet traffic will come from video! When we zoom in on the watching behavior, 45 percent of the people watch more than an hour video on Youtube and Facebook weekly. Remarkle grades. So, were you are thinking about using video in your business strategy, but weren’t convinced yet? Then, we hope that you are now informed enough with these statistics of Raw Shorts to make an educated decision.

More grip on B2B buyer journey

Video is also a useful form to guide your leads through the buying journey. If you have a sales-oriented position or a marketing role, you know better than anyone that each customer journey contains the awareness, consideration and decision phase. These stages are a perfect way to integrate video. It helps you to communicate the right brand message to your audience and to convert them quicker. So, it is possible to create video ads in the awareness phase or a product tutorial in the consideration phase. You can even create a business case, when your lead is in the decision stage. Make it easy for your leads to convert quicker with visual and moving content.

More available data to enhance video campaigns

Data always helps us to improve campaigns better. It’s a fact that a data-first approach can activate the right audience with the right message on the right time. When you make video content, it becomes easier to optimize other movie versions with the right data. Your content keeps engaging more visitors and, just what the research of Raw Shorts stated, engagement will lead to more interaction. If you have good quality content, your visitors are more willing to share videos with others. This is a perfect opportunity to give your brand more online visibility. By claiming more authority in your market, your organization will be reaching a higher ranking score in search engine machines.

With this all being said, video has a huge impact for the visibility of your business. However, how do you start an optimal video content process? At MediaLab, we are aware that you have questions about uploading, sharing and storing content safely. As media sharing platform, our roots lie with video. With our knowledge and expertise, we would like to think along with you about the set-up of a video transfer process within your business.

MediaLab Team

Jan 14, 2020
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