Journalism is profoundly influenced by a rapidly changing media environment. Innovation and differentiation of production processes, media channels and platforms are the direct cause and after effect. Especially in the current crisis situation surrounding COVID-19, a big part of all news is shared via online platforms and channels.

The digitization of news media has changed the way of news production and news consumption, since almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays and is able to both consume and capture news more quickly and easily this way.

“This is exactly the way some clients use the MediaLab cloud platform”, explains Hans de Heus, CEO of MediaLab, “To capture or receive news updates from eyewitnesses, review them and directly save them in a specific folder or share with any colleague.”

Information gathering cloud platform

MediaLab can be directly embedded in a web page and be used for capturing eyewitness tips, where the audience can upload video and other files they have taken with mobile devices directly on the platform.

As a reporter or journalist, you can also send specific file upload invitations to eyewitnesses to upload their videos and files. The invitation you share (via email or share link for all communication apps and social media) takes the visitors to a separate part of your MediaLab cloud environment, where they can upload the media directly, without accessing the rest of the media already uploaded and archived in your Lab. All files are then stored in the appropriate folder and you will be notified when this happens.

The uploaded files can only be viewed with the specific permissions on that folder directory, making sure that the media files are always protected and confidential. Because MediaLab always makes a low-res copy of the files, they are instantly playable and viewable. This speeds up the production process, time which is essential with news items.

Collecting and sending media remotely

Content shot by journalists on location, via smartphone or any device with an internet connection, can also be directly uploaded and collected in MediaLab. With the app version of MediaLab, you can even upload any type of file directly to the platform, be it a ZIP file, MP4, JPG or PowerPoint. Send, view or save large video, photo, audio and other data files easily without having to download it first from the palm of your hand. With the correct workflows, the content can be screened quickly and prepared to be used for broadcast. This has made MediaLab the go to cloud platform for broadcasters and media production organizations for years.

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MediaLab Team

Nov 10, 2020
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