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Media Cloud Storage

While one company moves everything to the cloud, other companies have started migrating back from the cloud to on-premise hardware. There is no one solutions that fits everyone. Whether using a public cloud fits your demands, depends on a lot of factors including scalability, bandwidth requirements and throughput.Then there is the security aspect to consider. When sharing raw video material or sensitive documents, you need to know where and how it's stored. We are here to help. We developed our platform into a flexible Hybrid Cloud infrastructure so we can tailor each environment to your demands.

On Premise

The traditional on-premise platforms are still powerful and for good reason. Store your media in your own data center, hook up your media infrastructure on your internal network and enjoy 10 Gbps speeds when transferring files. With our strong background in IT, MediaLab offers managed on-premise platforms, both including hardware and on existing virtual platforms.

With an on-premise solution, you will run a full copy of the MediaLab platform, making sure you are not dependent on cloud platforms to access your media. With MediaLab we do offer scale-outs for on-prem (like pushing certain media formats to cloud storage), however, there are some drawbacks to consider. Scalability, redundancy, network traffic and maintenance are just some.

Hybrid Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud platform is a powerful and flexible infrastructure where we have separated media storage from the application layer, allowing us to offer MediaLab with a fast, redundant and scalable interface in the cloud, but hooked up to multiple storage solutions to provide the media-related functionality.

  • MediaLab Cloud - a professional and cost-effective cloud environment located in The Netherlands.
  • Public Cloud - perfect solution when scalabiltiy and availability across the globe are important.
  • Hybrid Cloud - media storage & transcoding in your own data center or private cloud, connected to our hybrid interface.

Hybrid Cloud advantages

With the media storage and transcoding located in your own datacenter, you get the best of both worlds.

  • High transferring speed - because all content is stored locally in your own datacenter, all media can be transferred rapidly to internal systems like QC, edit suites or broadcast systems.
  • Data on own premises - no dependency on cloud provider when you can just walk up to your rack and grab your harddisks.
  • Off-load to the cloud - hooked up to the hybrid platform, you have ultimate flexibility to transfer copies to the cloud for playback while the source remains on local storage.
  • Archive integration - easily connect our Archive offering for long term media storage.
  • CDN integration - utilize a CDN to limit the impact on your own networking infrastructure.

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