MediaLab for Agencies

Managing all your content in an organized and easily accessible Lab.

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Agencies have to deal with an ever-increasing media flow.

When it comes to video and content production for your clients, managing your content can be hectic and time consuming. Especially when it comes to collaboration with teams from multiple clients. When things are hectic and unorganized, safety can easily be overlooked which can be a risk.

Whether you are part of a big company or a smaller agency, powering your go-to-market workflow can be a hassle. So how do international agencies like Joolz manage and control their media files?

They trust MediaLab.

Wir genießen das Vertrauen vieler Unternehmen

aber die MediaLab-Plattform bietet die Möglichkeit, Ordner und Wiedergabelisten zu erstellen, die Steuerung festzulegen, Medien innerhalb von Sekunden zu teilen und dabei ein einheitliches Branding zu haben.

Siobhan Crawford

Managing Director, Primitives

Distributing and transferring media

Facilitate quick and secure file transferring for your team, colleagues or clients, where shared files remain yours without interference of third parties. Every link in your creative production chain, both internally and externally, will be able to upload or share from the media management tool instantly. Clients can be given access to upload their own material and you can enable all colleagues from Design to Communications to upload promotional materials and media designs as well. Your media traffic is no longer confined to one workplace or one device, will be without limitations and at lightning speed.


Upload Einladung

Lade externe Nutzer ein, Files hochzuladen.


Sicherer Content

Nutze unser fortschrittliches Berechtigungssystem, um den Zugriff auf Deinen Markeninhalt mit Gruppenrechten, Benutzerebenen und Zugriff-Flags zu kontrollieren.



Nutze MediaLab als digitales Archiv, indem Du das hochaufgelöste Sendematerial auf LTO oder im deep archive speicherst und weiterhin auf die Proxies und Metadaten zugreifen kannst.