How can I share a file?

The best way to share a file is using the theater link or a personal email.

The theater page is a public link to view a video, picture or audio. It uses the same layout as the share page so it can be branded with a custom logo and color (see this page for more info). The theater link is not a personal link, so it can be easily shared with multiple people, or can be used to share files on social media as well.

  • Share files with a public share link
  • Share files using a personal email
  • Share files using embed codes
  • Share files through user permissions

When sharing a file using a personal email, we will send a unique link to the receiver. With a personal link, you can see if the link has been opened and which files have been viewed. We recommend to use personal links where possible, because this provides the best form of security.

We provide several options when sharing a file. These can be set when sharing, but you can also change the defaults on the "Share settings" page.

  • Password protection: add a password to the share link, which the viewer must enter.
  • Maximum views: only allow a certain amount of views before a link becomes invalid. This is a good security measure to prevent mass leaks on social media.
  • Restrict source access.
  • Restrict download access.
  • Add watermark or video player branding.

If you want to share a video or audio file on your own website, you can also embed the player directly.

In case you want to share files often with a common group of people, we recommend creating user accounts instead. When creating user accounts, their access can be restricted to view only (and potentially download rights), by making sure their user permissions are set correctly.