Embed files

Embed a file

With this feature users can embed their files via MediaLab, so there is no need to re-upload your files to anywhere else. There are multiple ways to embed your file:

  • Iframe with player: This will provide you with a snippet of HTML code which you can use to include media on your site.
  • Theater page: This link will include the full theater page, which can be used in iFrames or redirects.
  • Social media: Use this link to share your file on social media.
  • Preview: This URL will display the file’s preview
  • Thumbnail: This URL will display the file’s preview
  • File: This URL will display the file’s source

Video embed options For embedding videos and animated gifs there are player options:

  • player_nocontrols
  • player_repeat
  • player_autostart

You can implement these options by adding it in the address bar at the end: https://medialab.app/share/watch?player_autostart=1&player_nocontrols=1