Webinar: Storage and archiving

30-09-2020 15:00 (GMT +2)

Storage and archiving

Looking for footage regarding an item you did 3 years ago, but having no clue on which HD drive it is stored? Are you spending a lot of time searching for it in vain, because you need it now? If this sounds familiar, consider moving all your digital media assets into the cloud! Deciding to digitize your current media archive is already an important decision, but cloud storage comes in all different kinds. What should I choose? Should I choose public cloud, private cloud or hybrid?

In this webinar, Hans de Heus will give you insights in all the important details that you need to keep in mind when storing and archiving your media and the different options that exist. Moreover, he will introduce you to a simple new feature that makes sending and reviewing of your files easy and safe.

MediaLab is designed to fulfill multiple functions in the media-to-market workflow and offers the highest levels of data access and security for media production companies, broadcasters, marketing agencies, corporates and other organizations working with large media files. And we now offer archiving! Want to know more?

Note: Webinar will be in English

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