Building software is fun, I’ll start with that. But it’s not always easy. One of the more difficult things of software development is how to improve your software over time while keeping all features relevant and the interface clean and easy. Feature creep is something that happens very easily (Sales guy: “Hey, I just read about X, that’s something we should implement!”). But once you introduce a feature, you take on the burden to maintain it as well. It will take up development resources, precious space in your interface and perhaps distract users from other (more important) features. Or maybe even scare away new users if they feel they need a 100 page manual to even get started. And what do you do if you find out your latest feature isn’t actually being used?

With product management and (UX) design being essentials in building quality software, there is more to it. And this brings us to today’s topic… user feedback! We can have daily sessions with our entire team and come up with the greatest ideas on how to improve MediaLab, but perhaps it’s more important to sit down with our users instead and hear what they have to say.

At MediaLab we have used a variety of ways to gather feedback from our users. We have hosted eye-tracking sessions with new users and have held advisory board sessions with existing clients. While these methods work great to get detailed feedback, they take a lot of effort to set up and still only give us feedback from a very select group of users.

So, time to get back to basics. No long meetings, Skype calls or fancy dinners. We want feedback!

Earlier this summer we released our new Quick Access Menu.

We would like to know your honest opinion. Log in to MediaLab and in the footer you will find our latest poll. Let us know what you think by either giving us a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

After casting your vote, you can leave some additional feedback for us. Don’t be shy and tell us what you think we should work on next. Streaming? Cloud integration? Improved statistics?

You name it.


Oct 12, 2018