We must admit we have left it off our agenda for too long: a major overhaul of our mobile apps. Especially the Android users had to miss out on quite a few features (being an Android user myself is the most difficult thing to admit here…), but also for iOS our mobile experience does not live up to the quality tooling we want to offer. In August we decided to start from scratch with our mobile apps and develop them from the ground up and give the user interface a fresh look and feel. We also decided to partner up with Digital Chefs, who have a lot of experience with app development, to help us with UX design and development.

Earlier this week we received the first beta release of the new apps and we have been playing around since. There are still a few bits and bobs but so far we are very excited. Not only does it bring the “Upload Invite” feature to mobile, it also builds a very good base for us to continue development on for 2019.

By the looks of things we hope to get them released to the app stores early November. If you can’t wait that long, get in touch with us and you might be able to help us out with the beta testing!

On a different (but related) note, did you know our API documentation is available right here? Getting started with our API couldn’t be easier, generate your private token on your Profile page and upload & share your files safe and easily with our API.

Keep you posted!


Oct 05, 2018