Previously, patients sent their photos of conditions to a general e-mail address for review. This was a relatively easy way for the care recipient to work with digital resources, but a less secure way of delivering photo files when it comes to privacy sensitivity. The healthcare process requires a secure implementation and this already starts with organizing patient data. Healthcare centers may experience many pain points when arranging photo material and this had to be properly adjusted on a patient and institutional level. This was exactly what the Mauritskliniek in the Netherlands was struggling with, until they started working with MediaLab.

About the Mauritskliniek

The Mauritskliniek is a specialized center for diagnostics and treatments in the field of dermatology, varicose veins and medical cosmetic care. Due to the corona crisis, the clinic was looking for a solution for supplying, storing and sharing privacy-sensitive images within a secure and closed cloud environment. They wanted the solution offering patients even more adequate consultations by telephone or video calling. With a central and closed cloud environment, all branches of the clinic can safely take pictures of patients with skin conditions, then share it with practitioners, or have patients upload their own pictures and videos safely and easily.

The challenge

Before the corona crisis, the Mauritskliniek did not yet have a central system for saving and managing privacy-sensitive patient photos of videos or to share these with practitioners.The challenge for the healthcare institution lay in optimizing digital aspects of the healthcare process, in order to continue providing qualitative healthcare on location or remotely.

Our approach

Sharing and managing large files safely, confidentially and efficiently - these were important keywords for us for a solid solution. Thanks to the MediaLab cloud platform, the Mauritskliniek now has a digital central environment where photo files of patients are daily uploaded and shared with practitioners. This is done according to the guidelines of the NEN 7510 standard. When setting up the media workflow process for the clinic, the user experience of multiple end users: the patient, receptionist and practitioner. Patient-sensitive files could now also be managed more efficient per department, by granting specific usage rights to folders per user and giving every establishment of the clinic their own folder structure. In this way, patient information remains within a safe and closed media environment.

MediaLab for healthcare facilities

Within healthcare, we understand that patient-sensitive information is confidential and should be received, managed and shared with integrity. Patient information must remain manageable within a safe and closed media environment. MediaLab offers a cloud environment in a flexible way that is easy to implement and can be used by various stakeholders in the care chain. We like to hear what the healthcare challenges are in the field of information management and security and if we can help.

Feel free to reach out via: or read the full (Dutch) white paper of the Mauritskliniek.

MediaLab Team

Aug 13, 2020