New Team Development: Welcome Michelle Blom!

Per September, the MediaLab Team has a new member: welcome Michelle Blom, our User Experience Design Intern. Fresh from her minor Communication Design & Media at Copenhagen School of Design & Technology (KEA), Michelle will start her final internship from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam at MediaLab. Michelle chose MediaLab for her internship because she believes that with us, she will learn a lot about UX / UI design and can put her gained knowledge into practice. We are looking forward to seeing her work and her project will also contribute to the international growth of MediaLab.

UX project

During her internship, she will investigate whether the online platform can be made more accessible to users by offering a desktop app for fast uploading and downloading of large files. She will do this by researching the customer needs and designing a desktop app for MediaLab that will set the platform apart from any other cloud solutions. With her internship at MediaLab, she hopes to have learned how she can help solve user experience issues on devices as a UX / UI designer. In particular, she wants to develop her skills further in applying theory into practice before graduating in 2021.

Welcome to the team!

Say ‘Hi’ to Michelle via or check out her LinkedIn.

MediaLab Team

Sep 11, 2020
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