We are proud to announce that MediaLab was able to enforce the sales team with a well-known name in the Dutch Broadcast and Media industry: Jaco Kirchjunger. Jaco joined MediaLab as a Senior Business Developer and brings more than 30 years of experience to the table, with a widespread and diverse network in the media entertainment industry.

Meet Jaco

Jaco launched his career at John de Mol productions Aalsmeer and very rapidly became responsible for setting up and managing the Endemol Public Entertainment department. These experiences molded his outstanding skills in the field of presentation.

These skills enabled him to become active as a coach and teacher, of which the last few years for various brands of NCOI. Combining his media and coaching experience, he runs his own two companies JPK Unlimited and Presenterenleren.

Encountering MediaLab

Co-hosting large live recorded productions, Jaco often came into contact with the phenomenon of media storage and processing and how time-consuming it could be to get this approved by various stakeholders.

“Primetime Tv productions with live audiences are stressful and fun at the same time. I witnessed the significant changes in production processes up, close and personal over the years. Time and speed became even more important than they already were. Technology is critical for these features to rely upon. MediaLab is trusted by the vast majority of the companies I work with. I’m looking forward to helping MediaLab expanding their network even more." – Jaco Kirchjunger

Due to his line of work with many different media companies and corporates as a self-employed person, we approached Jaco with the question to investigate where his network and knowledge intersect with that of MediaLab. We are fortunate that Jaco accepted the quest and has started supporting our team as a Business Developer.

“Jaco already visited several clients and leads together with me. Everywhere we come, people know him and come and say hi. This occurs across all levels within a company. From C-level to floor manager. The same audience uses our tool, so it makes sense that he joins us and helps us getting MediaLab even more adopted.” – Hans de Heus

Working with MediaLab

Jaco will be supporting the Sales team by introducing MediaLab further to the Media and Entertainment industry.

“The informal and accessible way of working and being in contact with customers suits me perfectly. Being able to talk to production companies and to gain more insight into the IT side of a company is something that suits me. Although, I also have to admit that the in-depth technical side of the product is something I need to dig into more. Brining a technical colleague assures that I do not need to understand everything, fortunately.” – Jaco Kirchjunger

In the upcoming months, Jaco will dig even deeper into this fascinating world, creating many contacts and having direct conversations with MediaLab users and the Media and Entertainment industry.

“I think the choice of MediaLab to become a standard in the data storage industry is not only cool, but I also consider it very feasible and that makes it very nice for me to be part of this team.” – Jaco Kirchjunger

Welcome to the Team!

Well, Jaco, we are thrilled to have you onboard, and we are looking forward to working with you. Want to say ‘hi’ to Jaco? Check out his LinkedIn or send him a direct message via jaco@medialab.co

MediaLab Team

Oct 09, 2020
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