Looking back at the start of MediaLab, in 2007, our platform was created to replace the process of sending and screening thousands of DVDs each year. At the time, sorting, sharing and evaluating new programs were manual activities and thus very time consuming and costly. With the creation of MediaLab the distribution, (re)viewing and storage of large media files has been made simple and secure. As for today, the digital media management platform of MediaLab is used by multiple broadcasters, production houses, brands and marketing agencies all over the world, in many different ways. We are therefore very happy to announce that we are working together with another player in the Media & Broadcasting Industry, whom is also taking media digital: ProgramBuyer.

About ProgramBuyer

ProgramBuyer is a smart UK-based B2B portal, where distributors and producers from all over the world can introduce their latest shows and upcoming programs to international commissioners and program buyers. Using a sophisticated search facility, it provides sellers and buyers with a single destination where they can list and search for a wide variety of content from around the world. On ProgramBuyer, buyers can find information about 1000s of titles and watch them in a secure environment. MediaLab can be the perfect cloud solution for distributors and producers to review, share, organize and store their media before uploading it to Program Buyer`s portal.

We are looking forward to taking media transfer to the next level with this cooperation. Feel free to check out Program Buyer's website if you are looking for awesome video content or looking to showcase your own content.

MediaLab Team

Dec 10, 2020