Monthly feature update April 2024

You may have seen the “What’s new” in your MediaLab, but we’re here to give a little more insight on what’s been happening the last 2 months. We're thrilled to unveil a series of updates designed to make your MediaLab experience smoother, more intuitive, and downright enjoyable. Let's explore what's new!

Feature 1: File bookmarks

MediaLab bookmarks

Remember how folder bookmarks revolutionized your workflow? Get ready to take your organizational game to a new level with file bookmarks! Now, not only can you mark your favorite folders for quick access, but you can also bookmark individual files. This means your most important media is always just a click away. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to efficiency. ✅

Feature 2: Autoplay

MediaLab autoplay

Autoplay ensures that your audio or video files smoothly transition from one to the next without interruption. Whether you're reviewing project files, enjoying a series of videos, or setting the mood with a playlist, uninterrupted playback is now live. Continuous listening and viewing have never been this seamless.

Feature 3: Media overview improvements

MediaLab media overview

We’ve improved the media overview. You could already check all your media in the Media Overview in your activity center, but we’ve optimized the usability a bit. We’ve added the ability to expand or collapse your folders, making browsing your media much easier and more manageable.

Work in progress

MediaLab Connect: New updates

MediaLab Connect has always been about providing a seamless connection experience. With our latest updates, it's getting even better:

  • Overwrite with ease: Managing different file versions will become even simpler with MediaLab Connect. We're adding a new option that enhances your downloading experience within the app. You'll be able to choose whether to overwrite an existing file or save the downloaded file under a different name.
  • Pause your downloads: Need to prioritize bandwidth or simply take a break? We’re working hard on a feature that can pause your entire download queue with just a click. Resume whenever you're ready, right where you left off.

Customizable table columns

We’ve heard your feedback to get more insight into the data of your media from the get-go. We’re working hard on an option for users to adjust the different data displayed when browsing through your media. For example, if you want to display certain metadata like location or edit date, soon you’ll be able to select different variables to display.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions regarding new (or existing) features. Send your ideas or questions to, and we’ll do our best to make it work!

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy media managing!

MediaLab Team

Apr 18, 2024