MediaLab for Broadcasters

MediaLab helps you to get your broadcasting material to market faster and smoother, by giving you the optimal media management platform with automated workflows, metadata requirements and a centralized company portal.

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How Broadcasters use MediaLab

Working in the high demanding Broadcasting Industry means that schedules and projects can be hectic and time consuming. Especially when it comes to collaboration with your team, freelancers, commissioning editors, dubbing studios and further partners. And, most importantly, keeping your produced media safe and secure, so nothing will be leaked before the release date. Create the perfect workflow for your media management with MediaLab.


Automated workflow

Set up automated workflows with Vantage, Avid or Interplay, or connect to your own storage through FTP / UDP / S3 / and more.


Meta data

Require custom metadata to be provided when files are uploaded, before an automatic delivery workflow kicks off to deliver it to your target destination.


Centralized portal

Facilitate easy and secure file sharing across your company by having one Lab for each departments or different teams and bringing them together in a single Company Portal.

MediaLab has turned out to be an indispensable link in our process.

Oscar van Leeuwen

Head of Media Operations, RTL Nederland

So how do industry leaders like RTL and Talpa manage and control their media files? They trust MediaLab. Also production and distribution companies like Warner Bros., Fabiola, Fremantle and Studio 100 have successfully integrated the MediaLab platform into their daily operations.

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RTL Netherlands

MediaLab developed a tapeless workflow based on MediaLab technology for RTL Netherlands. RTL Netherlands selected MediaLab as their content management and delivery platform in 2012, based on ‘project 101010’ recommendations such as minimizing physical delivery and standardizing meta data. MediaLa