MediaLab for Healthcare

MediaLab helps you to get your content to market faster and smoother, by giving you the optimal media management platform with a centralized company portal with easy folder management, quick share options and branded communication tools when sharing your content.

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How healthcare organisations use MediaLab

As a healthcare organisation, sharing media must be secure and structured. Create the perfect media distribution workflow with MediaLab.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud platform is a powerful and flexible infrastructure where we have separated media storage from the application layer, allowing us to offer MediaLab with a fast, redundant and scalable interface in the cloud, but hooked up to multiple storage solutions to provide the media-related functionality.


Secure content

Use our advanced permission system to control access to your brand content with using group rights, user levels and access flags.


Centralized portal

Facilitate easy and secure file sharing across your company by having one Lab for each departments or different teams and bringing them together in a single Company Portal.

A privacy-friendly place to store and securely share confidential images or videos is important.”

Jovanca Hijdra

Business Intelligence Specialist, Mauritskliniek


Mauritskliniek has five clinics all across The Netherlands. They are specialized in the treatment of all common skin disorders, skin cancer, varicose veins and medical cosmetic care. It is of utmost importance that their media is safe and secure, but easily accessible at the same time. MediaLab provides this safety while also providing an accessible, organized workflow.