Supervisory Board

Meet our Board of Members, with their experience and knowledge the board is responsible for defining the course of MediaLab for the upcoming years.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of four members and is responsible for strategic, financial and organizational matters within MediaLab.

Johan van Vulpen

Johan van Vulpen founded and managed various companies such as Greetz, Qlim and Navads to successful exits. With his experience in SaaS and marketplaces, Johan has a proven track record in scaling companies from startups to established operations.

Tim Scholte

Tim Scholte is an entrepreneur, investor, and board member. He is the CEO of Mascus. He builds online marketplaces such as,, and to successful exits. Tim is a board member of DutchBasecamp, &

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supervises the course of the Supervisory Board and represent stakeholders, colleagues and other general state of affairs within MediaLab.

Hans de Heus

In 2013 Hans de Heus started as Commercial Manager at MediaLab. Together with Pepijn Over they transformed the SaaS solution into what is MediaLab today. Hans is the CEO of MediaLab.

Pepijn Over

Pepijn Over has been involved with MediaLab from the start. With his experience in software projects such as CRM applications and process automation he developed the MediaLab platform into a successful SaaS solution. Pepijn is CTO of MediaLab.