New features

This summer we've worked hard to improve MediaLab even more. We've done some updates and added new MediaLab features. We would like to give you a quick overview of all the features we've worked on.

1. Chunked uploads

Uploading in chunks is out of beta and available to all users. Large files will be split in small chunks so with any network issues only the last chunk needs to be uploaded again. This can be enabled through the profile page. Chunked uploads

2. Rotate videos and images

It is now possible to rotate videos and images, as well as their thumbnails and previews. Rotate videos and images

3. Transcode settings per folder

Set up multiple video settings per folder. Like bitrate, resolution or timecode support. Transcode settings per folder

Emails and links can now be revoked, instead of removed. This will keep the statistics available which can be viewed in the updated activity workspace. Revoke share links

5. Activity Workspace and Settings Workspace

The settings workspace has been split into a new activity workspace, a profile workspace and a settings workspace to make the most relevant information easily accessible. Activity Workspace and Settings Workspace

Upcoming updates

Keep an eye out for these new updates. Soon available in your MediaLab!

1. Improvements to overall usability

We are working on improving our new activity workspace and workflow manager to optimize your user experience within MediaLab. Your feedback is greatly appreciated so please let us know when you have any tips!

2. Stock media

We are making big changes to the stock media features of MediaLab. These changes affect the way MediaLab can be used as a portal for press, customers and other stakeholders. With these changes we realise a central repository for all media content. That's all we can say right now, so keep an eye out for our newsletter to get to know more.

Want to stay updated on what's happening with MediaLab? We publish a monthly changelog under "What's new" in MediaLab. Go check it out!

Do you have any input for new updates or ideas for new features?

You can drop your suggestions by contacting us or sending us an email.

Drop us new ideas here

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to with any questions you might have concerning new updates or regarding other things MediaLab related.

MediaLab Team

Sep 30, 2021