After a well deserved summer break we’re back with another episode!

In the third episode of MediaLab: Behind the Screens, Peter-Paul de Leeuw, CEO of Amberscript, joins us to delve into AI's transformative impact on transcriptions, captions, and translations. Amid the innovations showcased at this year's International Broadcaster Convention (IBC), our discussion dives into the role of AI in media.

Peter-Paul sheds light on AI’s significant strides in boosting the accuracy and efficiency of captions, transcriptions and translations. However, he underscores that human intervention remains pivotal. In this episode, we navigate the balance—exploring the extent to which AI can be entrusted with these tasks and where the human touch is irreplaceable.

We also spotlight the recently announced MediaLab-Amberscript collaboration. This alliance is not just about innovation but is a step in the right direction to really make a difference for our clients.

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MediaLab Team

Oct 04, 2023