MediaLab for Press Portal

MediaLab helps you distribute your content to the right channels, at the right time by giving you the optimal media management platform with a centralized press portal with easy folder management, quick share options and branded communication tools when sharing your content.

How press uses MediaLab

Pressportals need to be organised, structured and easily accessible for all parties involved. Especially when there’s an event that needs to be covered by many news outlets, as soon as possible. Centralize your media to optimize it’s distribution via the MediaLab press portal.


Upload Uitnodiging

Content ontvangen? Nodig snel anderen uit om bestanden te uploaden en ontvang ze in je privé Lab.



Gebruik onze CDN (of bring your own) om je media distributie op te schalen met lage latency en hoge bandbreedte.


Media delen

Deel media met interne en externe stakeholders. Genereer een directe link of stuur een email om je ontvangers direct je media te laten afspelen.