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MediaLab Partner program

Join our partner program. Let's add value to your clients' media workflows together.

Why partner with MediaLab?

  • Claim your place as market leader

    Your clients expect you to add value, proactively. Working with MediaLab means you make their jobs a lot easier with a smart, user-friendly solution.

  • A unique media management ecosystem

    MediaLab offers a complete solution with the most advanced features for distributing, review and storing professional media content.

  • Smart, user-friendly and cost-efficient

    You don’t need to be a tech genius to work with MediaLab: everyone can use our platform, giving them control over the entire production process.

  • We know what your clients need

    As we optimize our platform, our European client base keeps expanding. And the best thing about it: they're loyal. Once they've adopted MediaLab, they stay.

MediaLab is made for your clients' business

Amsterdam-based, Europe-minded. We offer the best software platform for viewing, distributing and storing business media content. MediaLab believes that professional media content deserves to be viewed, distributed and stored on a solid, safe, and easy platform. Simple as that.


The perfect fit for your tech stack

MediaLab combines all of your favorite media management tools, such as Vimeo, Google Drive, WeTransfer, and Dropbox, into a single, easily accessible hub. You can use MediaLab to store and share your media files before distributing them to editing software like AVID, Premiere Pro, and others. This way, the experts can deal with tools that require technical know-how, while all users can enjoy MediaLab's easy and user-friendly interface.

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Want to know if MediaLab connects to your clients' other tools?

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Grzegorz Pawłowski
“With MediaLab, we can offer the best solution to our clients and we look forward to taking the next step into the field of broadcasters and TV producers.“
Grzegorz Pawłowski — Sales specialist, ADTV check
“By entering the market together, we support each other as growing companies both within and outside the media sector.“
Niels Mos Broadcast Division Manager, DigiNet check
“Solving complex situations with simplicity is a very important factor – and that is what we believe MediaLab can do for our customers.“
Nicolaj Steffensen Sales Manager, In-Site check