Can I let a user login automatically?

Yes, it is possible to let users login automatically. We provide so-called "auto-login" links that can be generated for user accounts. These can be generated for one-time use or for a longer period. The auto-login links are tried to a single user account, so by updating the permissions of that user account to reflect the access you want to provide, you have fine-grained control over what they can access.

This can easily be used to provide public access to a certain MediaLab folder (like your screening room).

The auto-login add-on allows you to generate a unique link that will automatically log you in under the shared account. This link can be set to expire after a certain period or revoked any time. You can put this link on your website to allow any visitor to directly access your MediaLab content, or you can share it with a select group.

This feature is not enabled by default so please get in touch with our service desk to enable this for your account. We will gladly help you set it up to make sure your media is accessible.