"MediaLab is a user-friendly media platform for easy sharing, receiving and viewing of videos. An absolute must have."

MediaLab compared to other media distribution platforms

Whitepaper MediaLab Versus
Learn more about the difference MediaLab can make compared to other media distribution platforms.

We all know we are not the only media distribution platform out there. Take Frame.io, WeTransfer and many others for example. But what are the differences between them and us? Why could it be better to choose MediaLab in some situations?

Read all about our features in comparison to other platforms and why some features are more important than others in certain situations.

Do you want to know more about MediaLab compared to other media platforms?

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Top key features
  • EASY: one single platform for all your media needs, from format creation to content review and distribution.
  • PERSONAL: we put personal contact, innovation and our clients’ needs before anything else.
  • SECURE: we give you an innovative and safe content sharing environment, constantly optimizing and developing.
  • ACCESSIBLE: we use our technical expertise to build a user-friendly environment, significantly improving your review process.
  • INTEGRITY: we offer you full control of your data throughout the entire process, while meeting all legal requirements.
Thanks to MediaLab, our go-to-market process is vastly improved. The stability, safety and clear UI makes MediaLab a very user-friendly tool to share and maintain content.”

Tim Duffels

Sr. Manager Creative, Under Armour