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Are tight deadlines and budget management making your production process a daily struggle? And are you looking for a better way to collaborate with your team, while simplifying storage and archiving of the content you make for clients at the same time?

International agencies like Post Castelijn use MediaLab to manage and archive their media files in one clear and easy-to-use platform. Our tool helps them power their go-to-market workflows. Want to know how your agency can benefit?

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Distributing and transferring media

Secure and instant sharing to every link in the production chain

  • No size limit on the files you share with others

  • Invite external users to upload files to your private MediaLab

  • Share media files securely with just the people who need access

Watching, reviewing and approving content

Keep iteration rounds and feedback loops moving quickly

  • You don’t need to download large files before watching them

  • Everyone works in the same, up-to-date file version

  • Easy rights management: give access to stakeholders that need it

Archiving and storing media files

Manage content libraries and centralize your assets

  • MediaLab provides a secure (hybrid) cloud solution

  • Unlimited media traffic: anyplace, anytime, anywhere

  • Customize your environment with your own corporate branding

Betty Post
“MediaLab is a user-friendly media platform for easy sharing, receiving and viewing of videos. An absolute must have.“
Betty Post — Casting Director, Post Castelijn link

The perfect media management platform for agencies and content creators

MediaLab offers the best software platform for viewing, distributing and storing business media content.

We believe that professional media content deserves to be viewed, distributed and stored on a solid, safe, and easy platform.

Simple as that.

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