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Brands and businesses have to deal with an ever-increasing media flow.

When it comes to video and content production for your marketing campaigns or branded content, schedules and projects can be hectic and time consuming. Especially when it comes to collaboration with your team and clients. And, most important, keeping your content safe and secure, while showing of your brand.

Whether you are part of a big company or a smaller marketing agency, powering your go-to-market workflow can be a hassle. So how do international companies like Joolz and Under Armour manage and control their media files?

They trust MediaLab

Distributing and transferring media

Facilitate quick and secure file transferring for your team, colleagues or clients, where shared files remain yours without interference of third parties. Every link in your creative production chain, both internally as externally, will be able to upload or share from the media management tool instantly. Clients can be given access to upload their own material and you can enable all colleagues from Design to Communications to upload promotional materials and media designs as well. Your media traffic is no longer confined to one workplace or one device, will be without limitations and at lightning speed.

Collect media

Need a file from a teammate or client for a mood board or campaign input?  Send them an invite link and they can upload the file in the designated folder that you have selected. Either from their desktop or with our iOS and Android app.

Transfer Media

Transfer media via e-mail or share link without any restrictions on file size. All with a customized domain, usage of your company’s logo and branded communication tools. Keep track of who sees what, where and when with our workflow manager.

Share branded media

Watermark your media to protect it and show off your brand. Keep your transferred media safe with adjustable expiration dates and limited amount of views of your share links.

Watching, reviewing and approving media

When it comes to collaboration of any kind, organization is key, especially in creating awesome marketing and brand content. The media management tool enables teams to collaborate by reviewing and commenting on media, thereby keeping review rounds moving quickly and getting the content to be market-ready faster.

Enrich media

Power your iteration cycles by sending media for review to clients or your team. Gather and receive comments or approvements on your campaign material quickly, without any downloading of large files.

Keep track of media

Easy folder management for all your different campaigns or products and restricted access to clients or other teams, will guarantee that your media can only be seen by the people you want.

Mobile media

See something inspirational to capture for a marketing campaign or need to review some promotional material quickly on the road for a product launch? View or upload media anywhere with our mobile app and never overload your phone or tablet.

Archiving and storing media

In daily business of creating marketing or branded material, the volume of media content that is produced grows by the minute and needs a place to go after publishing. Never lose any of your creative content by storing and archiving your creations in a secure cloud. With meta data to enrich your media, you will always be able to retrieve any digital media asset when requested by a client or to reuse again. Manage content libraries to use your MediaLab as a stock media platform, where all digital media assets are centralized, according to the organization’s identity guidelines.

Centralize media

You never have to look for that one file of a past campaign in many servers again. Simply archive any media on your Lab, so you will always have all your assets stored in one central location. Add multiple tags to find content more easily with our extended search option.

Store media

Your MediaLab will be able to provide you with archiving options in the private, public or hybrid cloud.

Secure media

With team level security and Single Sign On, you can rest assured that all your assets are stored safe and secure, giving you and your team more time to focus on your creative process of creating awesome marketing campaigns. 

When it all comes together in one digital asset management tooling for the perfect media worflow

Sharing large video files with various parties, making your media accessible 24/7 and receiving feedback in a central location. Manage all your media and video files from one intuitive cloud tooling. With MediaLab, you are able to create your custom workflow, allowing you to:
  • Securely transfer large video files at lightning speed with your branding
  • Boost your creative process by reviewing and approving media with your team or client
  • Keeping all your enriched media files stored centrally, safely and securely
Thanks to MediaLab, our go-to-market process is vastly improved. The stability, safety and clear UI makes MediaLab a very user-friendly tool to share and maintain content.

Tim Duffels

Sr. Manager Creative, Under Armour


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