How can I share a folder?

There are multiple ways to share media from MediaLab. See the "How can I share a file" for more details. To share large sets of files, or files from different folders, you can choose to create a custom Playlist that contains the files you want to share. It is also possible to use the "Select from all folders" button in the share dialog, to choose files from multiple folders.

From a security perspective, we have chosen not to allow share links to be generated for nested folder structures, or dynamic content. That means that share links can only be created for content that's readily available in your MediaLab account.

To share entire folder structures, or provide users access to files that are uploaded to the folders at a later time, we recommend creating a user account. By creating a regular user with View/Download rights, and using a User Group to grant access to the specific folder(s), they will be able to login to MediaLab and browse the media, be notified when new content is uploaded and download the files.

We recommend this over share links for a couple of reasons, mainly:

  • When using user accounts, you keep more control over what they see, when they viewed it and what they can access.
  • Other managers of your MediaLab environment can easily see who has been granted access to which content.
  • Users can opt to be notified of new uploads or comments automatically.
  • If you shared a link to a folder, and a colleague uploads a file later that week, he/she might not be aware this content would be made available to external viewers.
  • You will have more detailed statistics about the media they viewed or downloaded.