How can I enable public access to my MediaLab account?

Our main focus with MediaLab is to provide a platform to keep control of your media files, while enabling you to selectively share it with others. This is a different approach than YouTube, where the primary focus is to share your videos with as many people as possible.

With that in mind, all access to MediaLab is restricted by user accounts. Having a user account ensures that we can keep track of who is viewing what file and when. However, we do provide a work-around if you are set on providing public access to your media.

There are two ways to share your media publicly:

Create share links

If you have a certain playlist or set of files that you wish to make public, we recommend to generate a new Share Link for these files. If the files are scattered across different folders in your Lab, you can create a new playlist and add all files you want to share to this new playlist. Then, hit the Share button and generate a new link. You can choose for download rights or viewing only, so you can still limit access to your high-quality source files if you want.

The Share Link you have just generated can be shared publicly on social media, by email, mailing lists etc. If you wish to embed the playlist on your own website, copy the "Embed" code instead and you can embed the full share page anywhere you like.

Create a public user with auto-login link

If you want to share an entire folder structure, or share it while adding more media later on, the share link is probably not the best way to go. For stock media environments we offer a shared user account. This shared user account has regular permissions (so it's up to you whether they can download or even share files) and you can limit the access to certain folders.

To top it all off, we have an auto-login feature, that allows you to generate a unique link that will automatically log you in under the shared account. This link can be set to expire after a certain period or revoked any time. You can put this link on your website to allow any visitor to directly access your MediaLab content.

This feature is not enabled by default so please get in touch with our service desk to enable this for your account. We will gladly help you set it up to make sure your media is accessible.