Safe and fast sharing of large video files with different parties, the making media accessible 24/7, archiving media in the cloud and receiving feedback in one central environment is what we do.

MediaLab is designed to fulfill multiple functions in the Media-to-market workflow and offers the highest levels of data accessibility and security for media production companies, broadcasters, content creators and brands.

Customized media archive in the cloud

Digitizing a current archive is already an important choice, but cloud storage comes in all kinds: from public cloud to private cloud to hybrid cloud. As subsidiary of PQR, a renowned IT provider, and through our cooperation with EMG, we have the knowledge and expertise to create our own cloud and can always offer a suitable archive solution. Especially for organizations that work with sensitive media files that have to be kept safe, we also offer the option of an on-premises platform, which can run on hardware in your own data center or in a private cloud. The costs for storage also play an important role and MediaLab offers different variants of archiving and therefore different prices per GB / TB.

Do you need a good media management system, but you still have too many questions? Request a demo and we will show you all the different features of our media management platforms.

A full REST-based API

To make our platform accessible from any other platform, we offer a REST-based API. You can create folders, upload videos and generate embed links or even send files safely by email to external parties. In addition, we offer various ways to authenticate and for more extensive applications we offer OAuth 2 workflow support.

Branding & brand identity of your organization

Give your Lab the look & feel of your organization, such as its own domain and logo use. This way you can centrally manage and store all media assets of your organization and communicate in your own style to both internal and external users.

Share media files effectively and selectively

There are multiple aspects of managing and structuring your media for digital storage and distribution. Correct a secure access control for media files: we find this an important topic related to media sharing. Give a specific user specific access or create an access group for multiple users with restricted access to the media on the platform. This ensures that users can only send, view and download media what they have access to and will never be able to get to see sensitive media that you do not want them to see.

Webinar: Media storage and archiving in the cloud

Looking for footage regarding an item you did 3 years ago, but having no clue on which drive it is stored? Are you spending a lot of time searching for it in vain, because you need it now? If this sounds familiar, consider moving all your digital media assets into the cloud!

Want to know how this works? Then, sign up for our free webinar on September 30th at 15:00 GMT +2.

In this webinar, Hans de Heus will give you insight in all the important details that you need to keep in mind when storing and archiving your media and the different options that exist. Moreover, he will introduce you to a simple new feature that makes sending and transferring of temporary files to any of your colleagues or stakeholders easy and quick.

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MediaLab Team

Sep 08, 2020