MediaLab for Media Production Companies

MediaLab helps you to get your media material to market faster and smoother, by giving you the optimal media management platform with easy share options, a centralized company portal and a transcoding platform to create web-ready previews of all your uploaded media.

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How Media Production Companies use MediaLab

Working in the fast pacing Media Production industry means that schedules and projects can be hectic and time consuming. Especially when it comes to collaboration with your team, freelancers, commissioning editors, dubbing studios and further partners. And, most importantly, keeping your produced media safe and secure, but manageable. Create the perfect media workflow for your media with MediaLab.


Centralized portal

Facilitate easy and secure file sharing across your company by having one Lab for each departments or different teams and bringing them together in a single Company Portal.


Share and review media

Share media with internal and external stakeholders. Create a direct link or send an email to let your audience watch your media. Request feedback from others and have them directly comment on your media with timecodes.


Automated workflow

Utilize our transcoding platform to create web-ready previews of all your uploaded media. Embed a watermark for extra security or upload a custom format.

Warner Bros

Warner Bros, International Television Productions is dedicated to the worldwide licensing of formats and finished programming of scripted, drama and non-fiction titles from the combined catalogues of all Warner Bros entities as well as third parties. Warner Bros not only uses MediaLab for distribution, but also as a viewing platform for all of its productions.