Branding & Brand Identity

Your Lab with the look and feel of the organization

Communicate and share your media in style! Brand MediaLab to match your brand identity by customizing your Lab. Combine all the branding features to make your media stand out from the rest and make it feel like an extension of your organization. You can do this by adding your company logo, custom communication or even go full white label! Check out of the variety of ways you can brand your own Lab.

Tailor your Branding in your MediaLab

Your logo is the most recognizable part of your company. It's the first thing you and your employees see when you open MediaLab, so we leave it up to you to make sure your MediaLab account feels like home. Upload your logo, add a beautiful custom background and your sign in page and your share pages will be true eyecatchers for all your users.

Protect your shared media with Watermarking

Taking branding to the next level, how do you secure your media assets? When using MediaLab to share teasers, episode clips, promos or marketing material, feel confident that your media stays yours by adding your logo as a watermark in your shared media. This way, all your videos are branded when watched online by others with a burnt-in non-removable watermark. Your source file will remain untouched by the watermarking, so don't worry about that.

If you want the branding but not have it burnt into the previews, use your watermark as player branding and we will style your video player with your watermark instead.

Communicate in your own style with a branded Mail Template

Stick to your design principles even when using our MediaLab software. Tailor your mail template so all outgoing emails will match your company identity, add a global signature and off you go. All outgoing communication when sharing media will feel like and look like your own.

Add a Custom Domain

Want something extra special? Your MediaLab can be set up on a custom domain to make you stand out from the crowd and make it even more recognizable for you and your users. Let us know what you have in mind and we'll get you sorted by setting up a custom domain for your Lab.

Go White Label

Are you looking for ways to manage your digital media assets for your customers or partners? Get in touch with us to discuss our white label option. For resellers and partnerships, we can help you create your own media asset management system without having to worry about the software itself. Dedicated iOS and Android apps, your very own Powered by logo and color scheming, let us show you how MediaLab can be a tool to help you streamline media distribution between you and your customers.

More features

Share your media

Share media with internal and external users. Create a direct link or send an email to let your audience watch your media online.

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Media Library

Build a media library to manage and distribute your media assets. Protect source files while sharing viewable versions and use an extensive security system to limit access.

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Stock Media

Keeping all your media organized and share it with internal and external parties. Provide a central screening room and require acceptance of embargo or attribution when downloading.

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