Email has its limitations

If you want your organization to use email to share your media files, you will want to make sure this is secure and user-friendly. Moreover, you also want it to be available for large media files. Especially the last one is a big problem with most everyday email programs. “Limit exceeded”, that annoying error that forces you to send your files in 3 different mails, with the risk of missing one or sending files double. A waste of time and that’s just the sending part of it all. The recipient has to wait for several emails to come in, hope that they are all there, download every single file and store them somewhere on their computer. Several people saving files in different folders in the directory, never to be found again, is not the most efficient way, is it?

Email and the cloud. All of the features minus the limitations

MediaLab provides you with a tool that lets you share and receive your media files by using your email, but within a secure and user-friendly cloud. Keep all your files centrally stored in the cloud, accessible to those who need to have access. Your files can be viewed without downloading first and the commenting option allows you to give feedback right there and then. Get notification of who has seen your files and you can go on with your business.

Flexible and scalable

The MediaLab tool is flexible and scalable to your organization’s needs and growth. If your company grows, so will your needs to optimize your digital infrastructure. The numerous options of our tool make it easy to expand along with your company.

Do you want to read more about our tool? Read more at our feature page.

MediaLab Team

Sep 17, 2019
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