How can I set the target folder for pull uploads?

The pull add-on allows you to upload files using either FTP or UDP to MediaLab. Because these uploads use a different protocol, they are not compatible with the permission structure that MediaLab provides. For that reason, when uploading files, it is not possible to browse the existing folder structure from MediaLab.

Instead there are several ways to dictate the target folder when uploading using a pull profile:

  • Set target folder in the pull profile.
  • Create a subdirectory with the Folder ID of your target folder.
  • Importing a folder structure

Target folder in profile

The easiest way is to simply edit your pull profile and look for Pull inbox. There is a folder tree to select the target folder for all uploads to this profile.

Target folder using Folder ID

If you want to use one profile to upload to multiple folders, it is possible to provide the target folder per upload. Similar to how our API works, it is possible to use the unique Folder ID of a folder to upload directly to that folder. In MediaLab, go to your desired folder and then look in your browser's URL bar and find the parameter called folder_id. This should be a numeric value. You can also find the Folder ID in the info dialog by going to Folder > Details.

When logging in with FTP, create a new directory with the numeric ID as name and upload your files to that directory. During import, we should detect the subdirectory and place the file in the correct folder. If your user account does not have access to the provided folder, the file will be placed in the configured Pull Inbox.

Importing a folder structure

In case you want to import an entire folder structure with multiple subdirectories or nested levels, please contact our support desk. We can easily configure an import profile for you to upload an entire folder structure. This feature is currently not available in the user interface.