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At the European Para Championships (EPC), we recently played a crucial role in establishing a hosted broadcast project and serving as a central hub for the press. Afterwards, we assisted in setting up a structured archive. We are proud to be part of this project and are eager to share some highlights of our collaboration and the achievements we have realized.

The challenge: managing a massive media collection

The European Para Championships is a large and prestigious event where dozens of para-athletes from across Europe gather to compete. With so much action and excitement captured in just two weeks, EPC faced a tremendous challenge: managing, organizing, and sharing terabytes of media content. This included managing thousands of files uploaded in a single day, hundreds of hours of video content, and an active user group of over 100 people - all this while maintaining a seamless hosted broadcast solution for viewers to tune in to.

The solution: streamlining EPC's media management

In close collaboration with EPC, we established a MediaLab that met the event's specific needs. This system included a clear and well-organized folder structure, supplemented with a customized metadata system, allowing all media content to be stored and categorized in a structured manner. Here is an overview of some main categories within the folder structure:

EPC folder structure
Niels van Boheemen
"Medialab empowered us to archive and structure content for a multi-sport event, including media rights management and efficient distribution to press and broadcasters. A central hub for lasting content legacy."
Niels van Boheemen — Head of Broadcast & Content, EPC check

The result: centralized media distribution and accessible press portal

Thanks to this customized MediaLab platform, EPC could effortlessly manage its vast amount of media content. It created a seamless workflow where content could be uploaded by all teams, organized, and shared with various stakeholders, both internally and externally. Additionally, through a newsroom created by, a connection was made allowing the press access to the latest content about the event via a public link. The public press portal provided journalists and media representatives easy access to the latest updates and media content.

  • Uploaded

    7+ TB content

  • Used by

    130 + users

  • Processed video content

    ~1.000 hours

  • Distributed and stored

    25.000+ files

Last thoughts: sustainable archiving for the future

A crucial aspect of our work with the European Para Championships was ensuring a sustainable future for all their media content. After the event, a careful selection was made to determine which content should be preserved for future use. This selected content was archived to save costs but remains accessible for the next 3+ years. This gives future EPC event organizers a comprehensive collection of content that can serve as reference, promotional material, and more. All media remains online, while the source files are stored safely and cost-effectively in Azure Cold Storage within MediaLab. This ensures that EPC's legacy lives on and remains available for future use. This aspect underscores not only the power of effective media management but also our commitment to sustainable solutions that provide enduring value, even after an event concludes. It reinforces our belief in the lasting impact of well-managed media resources.

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