Upload Invite

Invite external users to upload files

So let’s get straight to the point: what is an upload invite? This feature enables you to invite external users to upload files to your MediaLab account, without them gaining access to any of your existing media.

With a MediaLab account you are all set for sharing and receiving (large) files. You can send someone else a link to a stand-alone upload page where they can upload some files. These files will automatically appear in your MediaLab account, in the folder you choose. No need to worry about your existing media, they won’t be able to see any of it. All they can do with the link is upload the files so they become available to you.

You can specify where the incoming files will be placed and restrict the amount of files that can be uploaded. It uses the same look and feel as our regular share page, so you can change the branding to match your corporate brand identity. It integrates with our existing share groups feature, which allows you to easily invite a group of people, and your workflow manager will manage your existing invites.

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