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Join our partner program, and be a part of helping media companies optimize their media workflows. Provide a unique service, that's perfectly tailored to media producing and broadcasting companies

Why are you the right fit?

  • Market know-how

    Due to your experience in the market, you know exactly what the needs and desires of your current and future clients are. This know-how is extremely valuable to deliver the best possible service and solutions.

  • Personalization

    One of our key values is "Personal". MediaLab believes that a personal approach makes the difference. However, this is more difficult to achieve when it comes to international clients. That's why you can provide that in-person touch and build a better relationship with the client.

  • Alignment

    MediaLab aims for a partner strategy outside its native market. You have a proven track record and would fit our partner profile. Together, we can focus on your current and future clients' needs and desires and provide a proven, easy-to-use media solution.

Why MediaLab?

  • Industry-specific solution

    MediaLab is in the media industry since 2007 With more than 15 years of experience in this industry, we created a proven easy to use and broad implemented off-the-shelf solution uniquely tailored to the Broadcasting & Media industries.

  • Grow with us

    With a growing number of international clients like Under Armour, Fremantle and Banijay, we are convinced that we can expand our footprint in the European media industry.

  • Client satisfaction

    Our current client base keeps growing and stays loyal over a longer period of time. Once our tooling is adopted, they stay hooked.

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At ADTV, we are constantly looking for services that perfectly integrate into our product portfolio. These services should fit our client’s needs, enhance their workflows and lift our expertise to the next level. With MediaLab, we can offer the best solution to our clients and we look forward to taking the next step into the field of broadcasters and TV producers."

Grzegorz Pawłowski

Sales specialist, ADTV

Our position in the Dutch media & Broadcast industry

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Major broadcasters

Within the Dutch media landscape, there are three major broadcast companies. The two commercial broadcasters, RTL and Talpa, both use MediaLab for the centralization of their media workflows.

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Media producing companies

Around 70% of the producing media companies in the Netherlands use MediaLab to optimize the different stages of their media production processes.

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Public broadcasting companies

Out of the six Dutch public broadcasters, KRO NCV, Omroep Max and NTR share, review and store their media on MediaLab.

We are complementary to your client's favourite tooling

When people hear the term 'media management', comparisons are quickly drawn with many different tools. Although they may have similarities in some cases, they are very different from MediaLab.

Solutions such as AVID, Aspera and Signiant are quite technical for a non-tech person. Although these solutions are excellent in certain areas, it is often that most of these solutions mentioned require a lot of technical knowledge to understand the tooling.

MediaLab understands that these solutions are essential in the media workflow. That's why MediaLab can easily be connected to various well-known tooling. This means that only the experts have to deal with the technical tooling. While everything can still be found on an easy user interface, thereby enhancing your media's centralization.

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Give your clients simplicity, clear oversight and centralization

Become a partner

Interested in becoming a MediaLab certified partner? We at MediaLab have three different type of partnerships; Referral partner, Value added Partner and Enterprise partner, Each partner program has its different characteristics to make sure we together can always find the right fit.