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Create the perfect media workflow for production and broadcasting

When it comes to the postproduction phase of your show, program or clips, schedules and projects can be hectic and time consuming especially when it comes to collaboration with your team, freelancers, commissioning editors, dubbing studios and further partners. And, most importantly, keeping your produced media safe and secure, so nothing will be leaked before the release date.

So how do industry leaders like RTL and Talpa manage and control their media files? They trust MediaLab. Also production and distribution companies like Warner Bros., Fabiola, Fremantle and Studio 100 have successfully integrated the MediaLab platform into their daily operations.

Distributing and transferring media

Facilitate easy and secure transferring of large media files for your team, freelancers, partners or clients, whether it is in UHD/4K, 8K or beyond. Your uploaded files remain yours without interference of third parties. Every link in your production chain, both internally as externally, will be able to upload or share from the media management tool instantly. Freelancers and suppliers can be given access to upload their own material and you can enable different teams, from acquisition to press, to upload or view the media as well. Your media traffic is no longer confined to one workplace or one device and is available without limitations in size and at lightning speed.

Collect media

Uploaded media can be distributed in various ways to match your workflow and can also be integrated by pushing files to external FTP servers or cloud buckets. Need a file from a teammate or supplier in time for the broadcasting deadline?  Send them an invite link and they can upload the file in the designated folder that you have selected. Either from their desktop or with our iOS and Android app.

Integrate your systems

Whether it’s your Avid set, Interplay, BATON QC or Vantage transcoder, MediaLab will work with you to simplify and connect your existing systems. Off-load tasks to MediaLab or use it as portal to to distribute your media. Automated workflows can be enabled to facilitate and automate media delivery. Connect any internal workflow with our documented API.

Share media

Transfer media via e-mail, share link, FTP or UDP without any restrictions on file size. All with a customized domain, usage of your company’s logo and branded communication tools. Watermark your media files to protect them when sharing. Share low resolution previews while keeping your source files secure.

Watching, reviewing and approving media

When it comes to collaboration of any kind, organization is key, especially in creating broadcasting material and video content. MediaLab enables teams to collaborate by spotting and commenting on media, thereby keeping iteration rounds moving quickly and getting all media material to be broadcast-ready faster.

Enrich media

Power your iteration cycles by sending media for review to clients or your team. Enabling easy and structured communication, letting them work with the most recent version of the media you want them to use. Gather and receive comments quickly, without any downloading of large files. Enrich the content by adding meta data to improve indexing.

Keep track of media

Easy folder management for all your different projects and controlled access with different user rights for your clients or other teams will guarantee that your media can only be seen by the people you want.  Keep your shared media safe with adjustable expiration dates and limited amount of views of your share links

Mobile media

Recorded a short interview on your phone, received witness videos for a news topic or want to review the latest show on your tablet while sitting on the sofa at home? View or upload media anywhere with our mobile app and never overload mobile devices.

Archiving and storing media

In daily business of creating broadcasting material, the volume of media content that is produced grows by the minute. You need a place to receive all this content and it needs a place to go after broadcasting. Never lose any of your media content by storing and archiving your creations in a secure cloud. With meta data you can index your media and you will always be able to retrieve any digital media asset when requested by a client or to reuse again. Manage content libraries, where all digital media assets are centralized, according to the organization’s identity guidelines.

Hybrid Cloud

MediaLab is flexible enough that it provides dedicated on-premise platforms, running on hardware in your own datacentre or in a private cloud on Azure or Amazon. Your Lab can be configured with archiving options in the private or public cloud to securely store the high-res source files for long term storage.

Centralize and secure media

Archive any media in your Lab, so you will always have all your files accessible through one portal.  With team level security and Single Sign On, you can rest assured that all your files are stored safe and secure, giving you and your team more time to focus on your postproduction process.

Transcoding media

Your media portal can be configured with different transcoding profiles for uploaded content. However, since we know some of our clients prefer to do their own transcoding, we provide custom pull profiles to add transcoded versions to your media files inside MediaLab. Hook up your Vantage transcoding system to an FTP profile and your files will appear automatically.

When it all comes together in one digital asset management tooling to create your own workflow between (post-) production and broadcasting

Sharing large video files with various parties, making your media accessible 24/7 and receiving feedback in a central location. Manage all your media and video files from one intuitive cloud tooling. With MediaLab, you are able to create your custom workflow, allowing you to:
  • Securely transfer large video files at lightning speed, protected with watermarking and custom links to protect your media
  • Boost your postproduction process by reviewing and approving media with your team or clients
  • Keeping all your enriched media files stored centrally, safely and securely
Since we work file-based at RTL Nederland, MediaLab has turned out to be an indispensable link in our process. MediaLab has proved that the portal is extremely stable, fast and secure. Adjustments and improvements within MediaLab have always been negotiable by mutual agreement and delivered quickly. MediaLab proves itself more and more by different departments of RTL as a flexible tool for contribution and distribution of all sorts of content.

Oscar van Leeuwen

Head of Media Operations, RTL Netherlands


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