Introduction to Single Sign On for owners

Enabling the SSO add-on

In order to enable Single Sign On (SSO) for your Lab contact MediaLab support. After enabling the add-on, your Lab can be connected to multiple SSO services.

Configuring your SSO service

The Lab owner can change the SSO settings by navigating to "Settings > Security settings". On this page you'll find all the configuration options for your SSO integration:

  • Active enterprise connections: This section lists all the active SSO services.
  • Allow new users?: Enable or disable the ability for your organization's users to create a default account on the first time they log in. When disabled new users must be created by the Lab's administrator. (This options is disabled by default.)
  • Default user level: Sets the default user group which automatically created SSO users will be assigned to.
  • Default user permissions: Sets a default of permissions which will be assigned to all automatically created SSO users.

Managing users

Changes to SSO user accounts (think about changing username/email and password resets) have to be made through your organization.