Do you support cloud storage (S3 or Azure)?

In short: yes we support S3-compatible storage and Azure blob storage.

The hybrid cloud infrastructure of MediaLab offers a wide variety of options. If you join us on our cloud platform, we can provide container storage for you, or depending on the type of workflow, we support bring-your-own (BYO) storage containers.

With cloud containers enabled, it is possible to set a cloud container for each file format. This means source files can be stored in a different container than the MP4s and JPGs used for playback. Using this hybrid set-up, it's very easy to manage your cloud costs in an efficient way.

Each cloud container can be configured with a custom CDN to ensure high available for playback. Please contact our service desk to help you get started with cloud container storage.

If the archiving add-on has been enabled, cloud containers will work differently or may not be compatible. With the archive add-on it's possible to automatically move source files to special archive tier storage containers when files are moved to a special Archive folder inside MediaLab.

To view the configured cloud containers for your account, visit the Settings pane and choose "Cloud containers".