What are remote destinations?

Remote destinations are building blocks to connect MediaLab directly to external servers. They form the base for pull profiles, push destinations and storage containers. Each new pull profile, push destination or storage container is linked to a remote destination. The remote destinations can be used for multiple pull profiles, push destinations or storage containers..

We support a variety of target destinations, including:

  • FTP/FTPS servers
  • SFTP servers
  • UDP servers
  • S3 storage
  • Azure Blob storage
  • SMB/Local storage (for on-premise or hybrid customers)

In order to create a new destination, please navigate to Settings > Cloud Storage > Remote Destinations. Then, add a new remote destination by pressing "Add", and fill out the form:

  • Protocol: choose the desired protocol (S3, Azure, FTP, etc), this can not be changed later.
  • Name: the name of your push destination.
  • Host/Domain: the hostname or IP address of the target FTP server or S3/Azure storage account.
  • Container: (Azure only) name of storage container
  • Account Name: (Azure only) name of storage account
  • Bucket: (S3 only) bucket name
  • Account Key: (S3 only) account key
  • Account Secret: (S3 only) account secret

Press "Save" to add the new destination. Depending on the protocol selected, there will be other fields to fill out. You can now use this remote destination to create push profiles, push destinations or cloud storage containers.

Please note you must be administrator to access this feature, and the applicable addon must be turned on for your Lab. If the feature is not enabled for your Lab, please contact us.