What is a shared account?

A shared account is a special user account. To provide the best security, statistics and audit trail we will always recommend to use one account per person, hence this feature is not available by default. However, for some cases like a stockmedia environment, it is not feasible to create accounts for a large group of external users (such as distributors).

For these use cases please contact us to discuss the shared account option. When adding a new user, you can mark it as a "Shared Account". Please note this can not be changed later for that account and must be specified when creating it. For shared accounts, several features will be disabled, such as changing the password or email address.

The regular permission system still applies. A shared account can either be a regular user or an uploader, and by adding the user to one or more groups the folder access can be controlled.

If you need this feature enabled for your MediaLab account, please get in touch with our service desk.