What do the user flags mean?

The user control flags determine which features a regular user or uploader is allowed to access. By default, a lot of features are not accessible for them, such as share and download. These flags provide the administrator with control over who is allowed to share or push files.

For more information about the different user roles, please see the What are the different user levels page.

The following control flags are available:


The share flag determines whether a user is allowed to share files by email, access the embed code and share files on social media using the theater page.


When the user is allowed to download, the user will have access to all available formats for a file (including the source file), and can download these. Please keep in mind that, when disabling download for a user, a user could still potentially use other ways to capture videos (using screen recording) or pictures (using printscreens). However, it does protect your high quality source files, as they will not be able to access those.

Manage folders

Users with manage rights have access to several features regarding folder management, such as renaming folders and editing/moving/copying files. They can, however, only manage the folders they have been granted access to.

Create folders

This flag will allow a user to create new folders inside a folder he has access to.

Invite to upload

This flag will allow a user to send upload invitations to external users.