"A privacy friendly platform for securely sharing, receiving and viewing of medical media files. "

Mauritskliniek client case white paper

Whitepaper Mauritskliniek
Discover how the Mauritskliniek has integrated the media management platform of MediaLab for receiving, managing and sharing of medical media material.

The Mauritskliniek is a specialized center for diagnostics and treatments in the field of dermatology, varicose veins and medical cosmetic care in the Netherlands. Every day, the Mauritskliniek serves a large number of patients who are dealing with skin disorders. With the advent of corona, there was a need for an efficient and safe solution to keep providing the high standard healthcare with little or no physical contact.

Thanks to MediaLab's cloud platform, the Mauritskliniek has a digital central environment, where photo files of patients are uploaded and shared with the practitioners and medial experts on a daily basis. Managing and sharing files securely and confidentially with an efficient folder structure per establishment or patient. All in accordance with the Dutch privacy guidelines for the healthcare sector (NEN 7510 standard).

This white paper is available in Dutch only.

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Top key features
  • Securely share confidential media material
  • Easy folder management per patient
  • Group permissions for different departments
“In healthcare industry, we increasingly work with visual material. A privacy-friendly place to store and securely share confidential images or videos is important.”

Jovanca Hijdra

Business Intelligence Specialist, Mauritskliniek