Back in 2014, Guido van Gend reached out to MediaLab by asking us to help out with an idea he and his business partner Bernd Duenk had. Guido and Bernd wanted to create an award show for the amateur musical scene in the Netherlands: By placing all the hard-working theater productions in the spotlight and voila, the Amateur Musical Awards (AMA) was born.

The Amateur Musical Awards

MediaLab is a proud sponsor of the AMA’s. The AMA is for every musical amateurs in the Netherlands. To apply for the awards, the theater production will be assessed via video registration. MediaLab supports video transferring in order to share the right communication message. Every organization that produces amateur musicals, can apply for the award show. The final nominees will perform at the AMA’s under the guidance of a live orchestra. During the ceremony, the prizes will be awarded by big names in the theater industry. This year, the AMA’s will be held on 18 November at the New Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.

Judging video recordings with MediaLab

In the first edition of AMA back in 2014, more than sixty productions applied. After an intensive registration process, the nominated productions were overwhelmed with the great news. The registration process was a real challenge: How can you watch all these productions efficiently with a tool that’s easy to use? Imagine, a prestige jury with limited time and a busy agenda. The jury members had the important task to judge two hours of theater productions, across the Netherlands. The solution to this challenge was video recordings.

Guido worked with MediaLab at several clients in the past. As a sharing and transferring tool, we were the first company to help him solve the issue of storing productions centrally and making it available for the jury. At the same time, the speed and accessibility of the video content were also important in the process. Since 2014 MediaLab provides a special sharing environment for the AMA’s.

‘MediaLab Beste Posteraward’

If you follow the AMA and us on social recently, you are probably aware of the ‘MediaLab Beste Posteraward’. We hear you asking: Why the ‘MediaLab Beste Posteraward’? We know it is a bit farfetched if you think of this prize. Nowadays, it is the key solution to transfer messages through video. If you follow MediaLab, you know that video transferring is our vision. Back in the day, posters were the actual beginning of spreading messages. Here you can think of theater production, recruitment or just plain commercials. Setting up the right poster to spread the right message was a true form of art, just as it is with creating a good video to do the exact same. With this input within the award show, we saw the poster award as a prize that fits the best.

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MediaLab Team

Nov 12, 2019
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