2019 was a year that was all about expansion. We sharpened the contours of our organizational strategy and made plans for the next coming years. As organization we took great steps in expanding our team with forces in sales, marketing and UX design. Thereby, we welcomed new clients and gained new partnerships. In this article we want to take you through our 2019. Read about our experiences, what we have learned and how we want to use this input for 2020. In the new year we will build further on our ambitious future plans.

MediaLab expands forces

MediaLab kicked 2019 off with a new inhouse marketer to take the brand to a higher level. We gave the website a refreshed look and feel and we sharpened our content to communicate the right brand message. Following the new inhouse marketer, we expanded our team with a new sales account manager. She enabled us to serve our client base even better. Listening to our clients gives us the right energy to optimize our product and customer service. However, that’s not all: the last six months we welcomed new interns to kickstart their careers. With their knowledge and skills, they brainstormed about the user experience and visual design of the website and tool. As media platform, we are always striving for a better and optimal customer journey.

New features

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned that listening to customers gives us the right energy and input to sharpen our product. That’s why we are always working on optimizing our tool and mobile app, in order to give our clients the ultimate MediaLab user experience. At the end of April, we introduced the Quick Search feature: with this you can find media files that are relevant to your search query. Followed by the feature integration of Unsplash to install several background images, to give your Lab a varied look and feel. Within a Lab with many users, it’s now possible to receive upload notifications. Get notified when someone uploads content in a certain folder. We also made it easier for admins to automatically empty their trash bins after a certain period. Herewith, you are always working in a clean Lab with up-dated files. Last, but not least, we always update our mobile app to offer our clients the latest version. It’s our aim to synchronize the app with the web version of our tool.


2019 was also a great milestone for our mother company; On the 1st of April (no joke), PQR appointed Erik Wiechers to become the new CEO of the company. Wiechers succeeds Ronald Schaap as CEO. Erik is responsible for the business strategy, clients and staff members who are employed at the offices in Amsterdam and De Meern. In October 2019, we had to say goodbye to our Amsterdam based PQR colleagues. From that date on the offices Amsterdam and De Meern are operating from one central office building: Secoya Utrecht.


Last year was also a great year for events to expand partnerships. We got acquainted with many branches who have a lot to do with media every day. With lots of enthusiasm, we visited and supported their events. Moreover, we also visited conferences to learn new trends and developments in the media and entertainment industry.


We kicked 2019 off with the first festival, Festivate. Festivate is a yearly 2 days dance event that is organized in the centre of the Netherlands. As a media platform, we have made our tool available for making the production process of the festival organization easy. Think about the execution of the marketing and promotion, where sharing big files is a must with several suppliers. This progress must go smoothly to meet the project deadlines.


In September we visited IBC, the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show. Held in our home town at the RAI Amsterdam. We discovered interesting trends in Visual Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). We spoke with new parties, clients and partners about an optimal media transfer process. Did you miss us at IBC? Don’t worry, we will also be present at the 2020 edition to catch up about the latest media, entertainment and tech developments.

Special Media Awards

MediaLab supports brands with a socially responsible vision. Last year, we teamed up with the Special Media Awards, a national ceremony that gives young media makers with a disability a stage. The award show was held at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum (Beeld en Geluid). As a sharing tool we support content creators who love media in the broadest sense.

Amateur Musical Awards (AMA)

Yearly, we make our tool available for the Amateur Musical Awards. The AMA’s is an award show ceremony that highlights the amateur theater scene in the Netherlands. Applying for the award show happens through video registration. The initiators of the event were searching for a media tool that supported this transfer process. For MediaLab, this was a perfect chance to guide the video transferring process. To top it all off, we even had our own ‘MediaLab Beste Poster Award’ that is handed out during the ceremony. Each theater production that applied for the AMA, automatically has the chance to win the price with its production poster. The nominees were chosen by the public via Facebook and the grand AMA jury.

After reading this blog, you can see that 2019 was a thrilling year for us. We expanded our team, did some useful insights, released new features, have entered beautiful collaborations and were present at interesting events to learn new things. With all these insights and impressions, we collected enough input to start a fresh new year. Our company story is not over yet and will continue in 2020: It’s always our ambition to serve new and dedicated clients the best MediaLab experience by sharing files, especially when it comes to video.

MediaLab Team

Jan 07, 2020
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