Amsterdam, June 1st, 2020 – MediaLab Online, the leading solution for viewing, approving, distributing and storing professional media content, is proud to announce the appointment of its Board of Members and Directors.

Supervisory Board

The members of the MediaLab Supervisory Board have an impressive and diverse background. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge which will guide MediaLab through its next phase of growth.

The new Supervisory Board consists of 4 members:

Johan van Vulpen

Johan van Vulpen founded and managed multiple companies including Greetz, Qlim and Navads. He has a proven track record in scaling companies from bootstrapped startups to established operations.

His experience in SaaS, marketplaces and e-commerce makes him the accelerator for growth. Johan is actively involved in shaping the future of MediaLab.

Robert Pijselman

Robert Pijselman is an entrepreneurial investor who participates in companies and takes on an active role as board member. Successful exits include Active Voice, BWise, Blue Cielo, Recruitee and EV Box.

He is now involved as chairman of the Supervisory Board at PQR, Software Improvement Group, Mansystems/Flowfabric. He is member of the board at Evbox and IT Circle

Erik Wiechers

Erik Wiechers is the CEO of PQR. PQR is founded in 1990, and is based at the Secoya Campus in Utrecht. Prior to PQR, he was the CEO of DTG (Yellow Pages), Erik had the role Sr. VP and member of the Management Board at Ziggo, he was the General Manager Portfolio Management and board member at BT Global Services Benelux. At MCI Worldcom, he was Sr. Director Global Accounts Northern Europe. He also performed several senior Management functions at GE, CSC and EDS.

Erik is certified as non-executive director by Nyenrode Universiteit (Commissarissen Cyclus) and is certified as executive coach by the International Coach Federation, ICF.

Tim Scholte

Tim Scholte has a background in online marketplaces and is currently the CEO of Successful exits with (general goods), (Houses) and Mascus (heavy machinery).

As an investor and entrepenuer, Tim is still active in the boat market with He is a board member at DutchBasecamp and Foeth.

Board of Directors

Followed by the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors consist of:

Hans de Heus

Hans started at MediaLab in 2013 as Commercial Manager. Over the years he, together with Pepijn Over, transformed a service into a company within the PQR holding. Within the holding Hans perfomed multiple senior roles at several of the OpCo’s. Since 2019 he is the Managing Director of MediaLab.

Pepijn Over

As Lead Developer at MediaLab, Pepijn is in charge of the technical side and has been involved with MediaLab from the start. Before MediaLab became his full-time focus, Pepijn worked on a wide variety of software projects ranging from CRM applications to process automation and even made a short side-step as Physics teacher. Now that digital video has become prevalent in every industry, MediaLab continues to provide an amazing opportunity to tackle new technical challenges when it comes to video handling, file sharing and software development.

MediaLab Team

Jun 01, 2020