For the past few months, the coronavirus has hit the media industry hard. Productions have been shut down, plans have been canceled and in the meantime, the need and desire for information, news and entertainment have been higher than ever. People are staying at home, theaters and cinemas are closed or open slowly. How do you, as a company in the media or broadcasting field, find common ground in those two extraordinary sides of the same coin?

Moving forward

Doing what you do the way you’re used to, is out of the question for now. Unfortunately. So how can you make the most of this situation? What can you do to keep the business running as much as you can and do what you aim to do: entertain and inform the people at home. It can be done!

Many events and the media coverage that goes with them, have come to a full stop. Until when? We don’t know. Uncertainty rules these days. The ripple effect is huge. It affects the production itself, but don’t forget the people who make that happen: actors, freelancers, filmmakers and a ton of people who work behind the scenes. So, what can you do and what do you need to create awesome content in spite of the current situation?

Need to have

What you need to do first is to figure out what you need to keep offering news and entertainment. What are your essentials? How do those components string together in a process from A to Z? If you can’t access all the tools, what alternatives would work as well? Even it’s not ideal. Maybe you have several productions that are waiting to be finished lying on a shelf. How can you turn them into a production that’s ready to put out there? What tools do you need to make that process work? You need a helicopter view of your entire process and its possibilities. MediaLab supports and facilitates this process from start to finish.

Flexibility and creativity are key

A media production relies on various factors, like communication, teamwork, the technical/digital side and in the end the execution of it all. All these factors can be managed more efficiently with a flexible workflow. A quick and easy transfer of media files, to the point communication options and a safe environment for your data. MediaLab can help you provide all this and more with a flexible media tool, especially designed for large media files.

A crisis calls for creativity. As mentioned earlier, maybe you have some unfinished content that you can now polish up into something worth broadcasting. Or maybe you have content that you can’t wait to finish when all this is over and things can go back to normal. In either case, it’s essential that you have your content stored in a place that is safe, easily accessible for all the right people and where you can keep an endless amount of media files.

Perfect examples of how you can make the most of this situation are media companies EMG and ODMedia. United4All has shifted to providing digital tools especially for people to use at home. Just so they can still create, edit and share their content professionally. ODMedia is doing everything they can to make sure their clients can continue their business. Their employees have made a successful transition to working from home. So successful in fact, that their entire view on human resources has changed. Where they were always looking for the best people in the region of their head office, they are now expanding their search for talent to the rest of the country.

Let us help you

MediaLab has years of experience in the media industry. We want to be there for you, during this corona crisis. We want to help you get through this with our flexible and scalable media tool. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Contact us via e-mail at

MediaLab Team

Jun 05, 2020
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