Team MediaLab is growing! With pride, we announce the arrival of Juliette Stroink as our new inhouse Growth Marketer. With her broad experience and passion for SaaS, Juliette will combine marketing, data and tech in her role to optimize and improve international business.

Back to SaaS

Juliette has gained a lot of experience in various branches in her career as a Growth Hacker, but she cannot wait to return to the industry where she started and that has her heart; SaaS. Making her step towards MediaLab is, besides diving back into tech, also her first international step. With her multilingual background and international education, this is exactly where she believes that she will fit perfectly. As Growth Marketer, she will contribute to the growth of MediaLab and make an international name for the organization with the entire team.

At full international speed

On behalf of the team, we proudly welcome Juliette and wish her all the best with her new position. MediaLab is at full speed, with a new Growth Marketer on board, to make the first international step. Say “hi” to Juliette via email at or check out her LinkedIn for a further impression.

MediaLab Team

Jul 20, 2020
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