Hi, my name is Juliette Stroink, Growth Marketer and currently the newest member of the MediaLab Team! I would like to share my rollercoaster ride to MediaLab, that went from 0 to 100 in no time. Here is my story: Getting started at MediaLab.

Everything happens for a reason

After multiple setbacks this year, including not having a job, it felt like everything was working against me. Against all odds, I turned into a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad things.

Working at an organization you like for two years, with your own responsibilities and great colleagues, but not getting your contract extended or renewed due to Corona, is something many people have experienced over the last few months unfortunately.
However, when a door is closed, multiple windows will open for you. For me, one of these windows turned out to be an amazing job offer at MediaLab and I could not have been happier with how things turned out in the end.

First encounters

My first encounter with one of the founders of MediaLab was, as is custom nowadays during pandemic time, over the phone. How Hans could transfer his enthusiasm about the organization and the platform was (and still is) truly a gift and very infectious (in a good, non Covid way). This was emphasized even more when we had a digital face-to-face call, also with Johan (one of the investors behind the platform). Their informal and even humorous manner made me feel very comfortable and we filled the 45 minutes planned for the first interview without any problem. I have always trusted my gut feeling and after that one digital meeting, it all happened very fast. Even though I had two other procedures pending, they could not match the gut feeling I had after my interview with MediaLab. There was no need for a second interview, just a call about the start date, some minor details and the papers were signed soon after. When I met Hans for the first time for lunch in June, I knew I made the right decision to join MediaLab and was even more excited to start in July.

Getting started

The first week was all planned out in a nicely branded introduction schedule with the focus on getting to know the team and the platform, consisting of lots of individual coffee moments with the team members of development and sales and playing around with the platform. The team made me feel very welcome and I love diving back into tech.
Working from home was not a problem at all, when we finished the introduction schedule prematurely, because of the laptop and VPN they provided for me. The morning coffee check-ins are always fun and very casual, especially when someone starts playing around with their background, giving you a nice start to your day.

Let’s grow

Currently, I am making plans combining marketing, data and tech to optimize and grow the national and international business in my current role as Growth Marketeer at MediaLab. Working closely with my colleague in Germany, an intern underway, an awesome development team and a very energetic Hans backing me up, I feel like there are very exciting things coming this way. Overall, I could not be happier with the turn of events leading me to sitting here, behind my desk at the MediaLab office, with some coffee writing this first blog entry. With all that has happened and all the thing that have changed for me, I am now looking forward to grow this business even further and to grow with it as well as a person and professional.

About MediaLab

MediaLab is the leading cloud solution for viewing, approving, distributing and storing professional media content. Our Digital Media Management platform offers an easy and secure media-to-market workflow. Getting a video from A to B was a challenge in 2007. So, a service was created which resulted in the founding of MediaLab Online BV as a company on the 5th of May 2011. Since 2011, we provide the best solution for viewing, approving, distributing and storing professional media content.

Our established cloud solution is now market-leading in the media and broadcasting industry. The platform has been designed to serve multiple functions in the media-to-market workflow and provides the highest levels of data access and security.

We specialize in:
• Distribution of all your media assets with internal and external stakeholders
• (re)Viewing of all content produced, uploaded and shared
• Storage and archiving of your enriched media assets

Our current clients are companies like RTL Group, Warner Bros., FOX Networks, Talpa Networks, Under Armour and Joolz.

Check out our website for more information about what our solution can do for your organization!


Aug 05, 2020
Working at MediaLab