The world buzzes around you full of noise, from the ding of your phones announcing a new text-message and announcements letting you know you have got yet another piece of doubtless important information in your mail, the TV chirps out commercials and admonishments, and the radio drones on endlessly about upcoming elections, Corona, lockdown and what’s going on in the world of Media & Entertainment…

Information Overload Day reminds us that there’s such a thing as too much information, and sometimes this constant inundation can actually have a negative impact on our happiness and productivity. Combine that with the social media that rules our lives, the constant buzz of new text messages, and the old stand-by that is web browsing and getting overwhelmed is pretty understandable. That is why it is very important to organize information, especially if you are working with big files and extensive folder structures, so you do not get buried.

Therefore, any organization producing large content files need a practical, cost-efficient means to replace outmoded storage, transformation, and distribution technologies. And they need this solution to be as useful and expandable for tomorrow’s urgent needs as it is for today’s.

More information incoming

In our daily business operation, the volume of media content that we consume but also produce grows by the minute. We see this growth in all types of industries and across all departments. Just think of all the content you need for your website or the instruction videos you produce for your products. Maybe yet another variation of your company logo, project-related assets, the list is endless. This not only demands more storage, you also need to find ways to keep track of all your assets, browse them or organize them.

Manage you files efficiently

MediaLab as media cloud solution is used by a wide variety of companies and allows you to digitally store all your files in your Lab, centralized and according to your brand identity guidelines. Create your own folder structure and organize any file in your media command center. Easy folder management, permissions and control will guarantee that your media can only be seen by the people you want. Feeling inspired or need to review something quickly on the road? View your media from anywhere with our mobile app and never overload your phone or tablet with too much information.

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MediaLab Team

Oct 20, 2020
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