Feature Update: Upload invite

The upload invite feature in your MediaLab is the easiest and quickest way to collect media from your suppliers, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. Now, it has a new design and is even easier to use than before!

Collect media with the upload invite feature

This feature enables you to invite external users to upload files to your MediaLab account, without them gaining access to any of your existing media. These files will automatically appear in your MediaLab account, in the folder you have selected. No need to worry about your existing media, they won’t be able to see any of it. All they can do with the link is upload the files so they become available to you. Moreover, with the new design, the overall experience of the individual user you send an upload invite to has advanced on individual mobile and desktop.

Upload feature design challenge

The challenge with the new design of the upload invitation lay with the balance between branding and usability. We found it by incorporating your company logo, the option to put a personal message into your upload invite and improving the ease of uploading. Therefore, you can create the same look and feel as our regular share page, by changing the branding to match your corporate brand identity. It integrates with your existing share groups feature, which allows you to easily invite a group of people, and your workflow manager will manage your existing invites.

New upload page

Upload feature

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Jan 27, 2021